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History and Mystery of Cats

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats are the more popular pet.


Cats, like dogs, evolved as a result of human interaction. The difference is that cats have undergone relatively few evolutionary changes compared to dogs. Domestic cats and wildcats remain genetically similar, leaving domestic cats, lions, tigers and cougars all in the same family.


Cats have had one main task in history and that is hunting vermin. When humans settled into agrarian societies about 9,000 years ago, cats were tolerated because they caught and killed mice, which were drawn to the grains. Egyptians, however, were drawn to the exotic and mysterious look of cats. Felines were considered sacred to Egyptians and were subjects of art and mythological roles. Cats have served as representatives of the spiritual world with their amazing agility, exceedingly fast reflexes and their uncanny ability to fall from great heights

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