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Tales of Famous Tails

The voyage of the animals aboard the Titanic


The Royal Mail Ship, better known as the Titanic, set sail from England on April

10, 1912, struck an iceberg on April 14 and “officially” sank on April 15, 1912. From the day of its tragic sinking up until today, the story of the Titanic continues to be

told in books, photos and on the big screen. Most people can recite the highlights of the voyage but few can recall if there were any pets on board and if any survived.


What many do not know is that a dog show aboard the Titanic was planned for April 15, the same day it sank. There were 12 dogs confirmed to be on board including a Pekingese, two Pomeranians, a great Dane, a King Charles spaniel, a French bulldog and several Airedales. There were 100 English foxhounds scheduled to make the passage on the Titanic, but last-minute travel changes resulted in them being...SUBSCRIBE TO READ MORE!