Following Life’s Path: Annaleigh Grilo focuses on her future
with determination

Always a Wellfit Girl: Colby Robertson applies the skills she
teaches teens

A Healer in the Making: Solving problems is Hailey
Mathieu’s superpower

The STEMinist Crusader: Poly-proficient student seeks
to cure cancer

From Obstacle to Opportunity: Litzy Zuniga envisions her best
life through mentoring



The Arts: Young Designers

Going Places: Early Virtuosa

Buon Appetito: Meet Teen Sardine


Living with Style

Fashion: Rolling Back the Decades


Inspired Living

‘Teentrepreneur’ - Dreaming of a World United

Wild Side: Go Outside and Play

Champions For Learning Turns 30



Healthy Living

Mind Matters: Raising Resilient Children

Teen Health: To sleep, Perchance to Dream

Nutrition: Gorgeous from the Inside Out

Wellness: Opioid Epidemic Update



Director’s Corner: Jinx Liggett, Youth Haven

Caught in the Act of Kindness


Spirited Living

Relationships: Building Strong Teens

Perspectives: Surviving Puberty

Everybody Has a Story: Nickie Bates Serves Up Love

Loud Girl Talking: Dear Diary

Travel: Florida Women Makes it to the Top



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Empowered Living

Finance: Tips for Teen’s First Debit Card

Protect You: Keeping Kids Safe in Cyber World

Driven: Distracted Driving: Put the Phone Down

Tech Talk: Spotting the Wi-Fi Spy

App for That: Food Delivery


PLUS! Back to school

High School Survival Guide

A Parent’s Guide to College Admissions

Greetings from FGCU’s Mr. Green



Furever Homes: Baxter the Explorer

Kids, K-9s and Court



Hidden Gems, Shoppes at Vanderbilt
& The Promenade



Guest Commentary: FGCU President Mike Martin

Women’s Organizations and Calendar

Women to Watch